Chef s Suggestions

with White Rice
(or Extra $1.5 for Plain Fried Rice, Extra $2.70 for Vegetable Fried Rice, Extra $3.25 for Pork, Chicken, Extra $3.55 for Beef or Shrimp Fried Rice, Extra $3.95 For House Special Fried Rice, Plain Lo Mein $3.25, Vegetable Lo Mein $3.25, Roast Pork Lo Mein $3.75, Chicken Lo Mein $3.75, Beef Lo Mein $3.95, Shrimp Lo Mein $3.95, House Special Lo Mein $4.1)

S1.  General Tso's Chicken (White Meat)Spicy $10.75
S2.  General Tso's Chicken (Dark Meat)Spicy $10.35
S3.  Sesame Chicken (White Meat) $10.75
S4.  Orange Chicken (White Meat)Spicy $10.75
S5.  Pineapple Chicken (White Meat) $10.75
S6.  Szechuan String BeansSpicy $8.40
S7.  Szechuan Bean CurdSpicy $8.40
S8.  General Tso's Bean CurdSpicy $8.95
S10.  Mongolian BeefSpicy $10.35
S11.  Orange BeefSpicy $11.95
S12.  Sesame Beef $11.95
S13.  Chicken and Shrimp Hunan StyleSpicy $11.95
S14.  Shrimp and Scallops with Mixed Vegetables $11.95
S15.  Black Pepper ChickenSpicy $11.95